Innovative Curriculum, Traditional Values. Education for the whole child.

Our Aims
Our Vision
Why Choose Us

At St Nicholas’ our focus is always to help nurture and develop a holistic education for every child. We relish the challenge of helping pupils to develop in all areas, taking learning out of the normal classroom paradigm, ensuring that we are truly a Preparatory School in nature as well as by name. Supporting pupils to refine strengths and develop new ones by tackling new challenges is an essential element of life at our School, and we achieve this through the support of the whole community, ensuring that we are able to provide an education that prepares pupils for the challenges of the modern world.

We develop and deliver an exciting curriculum, built to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed beyond our School and beyond the classroom, providing real world applications for their learning. Our small class sizes help our teachers to tailor this curriculum to each child specific learning style and need, allowing us to support and extend in each lesson.

There are many reasons that make St Nicholas’ special, as outlined here. We’re very proud to offer an innovative curriculum alongside a focus on strong personal development. Our pupils themselves had input into our new Core Values, and these attributes help us to support each child throughout their time with the School. We recognise the importance of combining a focus on academic success with developing skills for the real world, and as such, staying true to our name as a Preparatory School supporting future success at Senior School and beyond.