On browsing this website, it should quickly be apparent that we create a very special learning environment for our pupils. Our School provides pupils with academic challenges and opportunities for personal growth that make a Preparatory School education so unique, in a setting where children are nurtured and encouraged to be the best that they can be.

We are able to achieve this through a number of means; our small class sizes mean that our pupils are both supported and stretched, allowing us to to engage with each individual in each lesson to clarify misconceptions and challenge and extend understanding. The inclusion of CIPS (Creative, Independent, Problem Solving) within our curriculum emphasises this, where pupils are provided an opportunity to engage with subject matter on their own terms, developing skills applicable beyond the classroom in a context they wish to explore. This exciting element of the curriculum ensures that we take pupils beyond merely academic development and focus on their growth as an individual as is essential for pupils of this age and those in a Prep School environment.

Of course, the exciting lessons we provide could not be achieved without the wonderfully committed staff at the School, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such strong professionals who offer inspiring and creative experiences with genuine care for each child. The strength of the rapport staff create with pupils throughout the School allows us to help each child individually and academically, and we pride ourselves on setting high standards in all that we do, and on having high expectations for each child at every stage of the education.

I believe that community is an essential element in creating an effective and successful Preparatory School. Our community at St Nicholas is no exception, and is what helps us to build the wonderful environment alluded to on these pages. Alongside our strong staff room and enthusiastic pupils, we work in partnership with parents and carers to help each child grow as learners throughout their time at the School, from forming skills to participate in learning with our Nursery and Reception pupils, to preparing our older children for life at secondary school and beyond.

This website provides merely a snapshot of all that we offer at St Nicholas, and so I hope that it is of use in providing further information on the School. However, I would advise that the only way to obtain a genuine understanding of the engaging curriculum, caring environment and wonderful pupils we have here would be to arrange to visit us. We hope to be able to show you all that is outlined here and more in person on a tour, and look forward to welcoming you to St Nicholas.

Warm Regards

Matt Donaldson Headmaster BA (Hons), PGCE, PGDip (Surv)