Prep School

We pride ourselves on delivering an engaging curriculum at St Nicholas’ School Prep School. Our small class sizes allow us to develop lessons specific to pupils’ needs, and as such, help us to build an accelerated curriculum which ensures our children are able to succeed in the future.

The timetable is broken into subject based lessons, and includes subject specialist teachers in French, Music, Drama, PE and Games. However, we utilise the freedom associated with an Independent School, and many opportunities are explored to develop cross curricular learning, applying skills from one subject to support development in another.

Our approach to apply skills beyond normal subject boundaries provides a fantastic curriculum for our children, and this is echoed in our commitment to independent learning. Our curriculum incorporates CIPS, an entirely unique lesson developed by our own staff at St Nicholas’, and our curriculum aims to prepare pupils for life beyond Preparatory School.

We believe that our curriculum does a wonderful job of inspiring pupils, and this is evident in their conduct in lessons, as our children grow ever confident of embracing new challenges and opportunities. This ensures that our assertion of offering an accelerated curriculum extends a mere academic focus, and we offer a holistic education through our work in the classroom.