Our students experience wonderful music lessons where singing, listening, musical composition, percussion, rhythm and pitch are part of the curriculum. Most importantly, lessons reflect modern elements of music, from studying film scores to composing using iPads and apps such as GarageBand. This allows us to truly inspire every child, regardless of musical ability, and allow them to access this important and rewarding part of the curriculum. The emphasis we place on music is in keeping with our aim to educate the whole child, allowing those with particular musical talent to explore and progress within the subject, and as a result, our pupils have in recent years been awarded music scholarships by senior independent schools.

Pupils have many opportunities to perform, from weekly assemblies where children play as the school enters and departs, music assemblies where the focus is on the pieces covered in music lessons, and concerts at the end of each term.

In addition to our music lessons, many of our pupils also learn a musical instrument. The children have the advantage of top level tuition from peripatetic teachers from the age of 6. The musical instruments on offer include; piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar, tenor horn, cornet, trumpet and trombone. These musicians collaborate in a variety of groups, from a School orchestra to a string quartet.

The school has a senior choir and they are involved in senior school Music Days, large Charity concerts, as well as various singing performances for charity and within the local community. They perform for parents at the end of year Prize Giving ceremony.

Speech and Drama

We incorporate speech and drama lessons into our curriculum as it allows children the opportunity to develop confidence and public speaking skills as well as their dramatic skills.

Pupils work on reciting texts and the importance of using voice to add emphasis, and we link this to other areas of the curriculum, in particular English. We offer pupils the chance to undertake LAMDA examinations in the Summer Term, and lessons are a significant part of their preparations, which has lead to a great deal of success in recent years.