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On this website, I will tell you how great Alton towers is. It’s only awesome if your a water park and a rollercoaster fan. It’s just too bad if your not.

It’s supper awesome! Did you know that Alton Towers have a hotel, a water park and a theme park!

Who doesn’t like some fun!? Well, before you book your ticket, let me tell you a bit more about this wondrous place. Alton towers has over 40 rollercoasters! That’s enough for you isn’t it? Have you ever gone on Galactica before? Well if you haven’t then you should. This rollercoaster lets you enter a big blue surprise (when your goggles are on) that lets you have a space, lava and icy adventure! Well that’s not all, they have a breathtaking water park with the best water slides.

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