Scholarships at St Nicholas’.

We are delighted to offer pupils the opportunity to apply for a scholarship prior to joining our School. We take a great deal of pride in the academic provision we offer, the all round education that our children receive and the personal development that they enjoy during our time with us, and this helps them to move onto a wide range of Senior Schools with confidence in their skills and their ability to succeed. Our culture therefore is one that inspires pupils to want to improve in all areas, and we welcome scholarship candidates who can contribute to this.

Our scholarship policy is outlined below, and provides information about the process for children. We aim to undertake Scholarship assessments during the Spring Term, allowing sufficient time for appropriate consideration. As stated, depending on the number of applicants, we may have a designed day for potential scholars, or undertake assessments on an individual level.

We have outlined our timetable for applications below. Interest can be registered at any time during the Spring Term, but we have a deadline set below so that we have sufficient time to arrange for an Experience & Assessment Day prior to the end of the Spring Term.


Spring Term 2019: Applications invited throughout

Friday 15th March: Deadline for registering interest.

15th-29th March: Any remaining Assessments undertaken.

Friday 5th April: Outcome of applications communicated to parents.


Please contact the School Office for more information and for details on how to register for a Scholarship application.


St Nicholas School Scholarship Policy Autumn 2018