The New St Nicholas’ Curriculum

After a number of years exploring effective learning strategies, developing personal and academic resilience in our pupils, and embedding modern technology and concepts to our school, we are delighted to introduce the new St Nicholas’ curriculum in September 2020.

In the Information Age, it is no longer enough for children to simply memorise content as has been the case for the past 100 years – we must teach children how to use and apply information to what they study and to the modern world.

Inquiry Projects

Supported by our small class sizes,  this curriculum has delivered a huge amount of success for our pupils: Children at St Nicholas’ develop an inquisitive approach to their work, and understand that they are invited to take responsibility for their learning. Pupils study fortnightly themes in the context of a skills-based framework, applying skills as scientists, artists, engineers, historians and geographers.

We combine this modern curriculum with strong pastoral support in our small but strong community, and this helps children to become confident and ambitious pupils, eager to challenge themselves and enjoy success as academic candidates and as individuals preparing for the modern world.

We invite you to take time to watch our video, or read the documents below to learn more about this new style of learning.



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